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Lost your photos? We can help.

Where did my images go? That's just not the question you want to hear after a putting your memory card that contained images from some very special moments in a card reader and it shows zero images.

There can be a few different causes of this: a memory card can be damaged or you might of accidentally erased or formatted the card, which deletes 100% of the photos.
Peoria Camera has the technology to recover the images in many of these situations.

One of the most important things to note with this, if you suspect that you have images missing for any reason - STOP USING THAT MEMORY CARD RIGHT AWAY. Even if you erase an image, it's most likely still on the card, you just can't see it but our recovery software will.

If you take new images after accidentally deleting some, the new ones will write over the missing ones and then they can not be recovered in many cases.

Come on in with your camera and memory card. Typical turnaround time for image recovery is at least 1-2 days and pricing starts at $30.

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Image Recovery