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camera repairs / Cleaning

Is your camera not picture perfect anymore? We can help!

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Equipment Repairs

Do you have a camera that is acting up and is on the fritz? Is your lens or flash not working properly? Bring your broken or not working camera equipment into us, and we can get it repaired for you.

Our repair depot can fix just about anything. Repairs can take up to 6-8 weeks including shipping although most come back faster. All repairs come with a 3-6 month warranty depending on what item is being repaired. Bring your broken camera, lens or flash in and let us get it repaired for you.

Equipment Cleanings or Lens Calibration

Is your camera or lens looking a little worse for wear? Is it dusty, dirty or grimey? We offer expert in-house cleaning to clean up the external parts of your camera, lens or flash that is turned around in approximately 2 business days. We charge $40 for each item needing cleaned.

Does the focus of your images just seem a little off? Is your lens front or rear focusing? Let our expert technician calibrate your lens or lenses. Be sure to bring in your camera with a fully charged battery. Calibration service is turned around in approximately 1-2 business days. We charge $40 per lens.

Have a second camera you need your lenses calibrated to? The cost to do that is just $40 per lens when done at the same time as the first camera.

Sensor Cleanings

You have taken an incredible picture and you are looking at it on your computer, or you have a print of it made. There are little spots in various spots of the
image. You immediately check your lens to see what is up.

Your lens is actually fine, it is dust, dirt or other foreign objects that have found their way to your sensor. We offer next business day ($140) or two business
day ($70) sensor cleans to remedy this issue. Bring your camera in with a fully charged battery, and let us make your camera sensor as good as new!

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